Flexible SLA resin is rear to be available in the market due to the SLA technical restriction.

However, as a professional SLA resin developer, Magforms created a type of flexible SLA resin for the niche market.

With the outstanding of flexibility and excellent shape memory, SoftX1658 stereolithography resin allows users to produce the 3D printed parts with flexible look and feel.

Soft X1658

  • Color: Pale Yellow
  • Technology: Industrial SLA
  • Compatible with: All 355nm wavelength SLA 3D Printer
A flexible stereolithography material that is ideal for short runs of end-use parts or designs which need the look and feel of elasticity.


  • Concept and marketing models
  • Product design that need a flexible look and feel
  • Short-run production of end-use parts

Advantages of GM1618

  • Increased market opportunities for models
  • High flexibility with excellent shape retention
  • High production speed