Many manufacturers are struggling to quicken the pace of design and reduce the cost during product development. Additive manufacturing for tooling is the ideal solution, its inherent design flexibility, feature detail and surface quality has led this technology into the mainstream.

Magforms develops the SLA resin to meet the specific needs for this kind of tooling. Avanza MS1920 SLA resin offers high quality, part accuracy and fine feature detail. The outstanding accuracy of the resin allows the formed parts to be translated into aluminum casting. What’s more, the coffee color of the material makes it easy to discern key features in the design and to inspect the parts for surface defects. This solution has been widely using in shoe sole industry which omits the need for detailing or texturing, speeding up the traditional tooling process up to 60%, enabling a cost reduction up to 30%.

MS 1920

  • Color: Coffee
  • Technology: Industrial SLA
  • Compatible with: All 355nm wavelength SLA 3D Printer
With the combinations of rich feature detail and dimensional stability, MS1920 provides the most efficient printing outcomes without compromising on surface quality and dimensional accuracy.


  •  Master pattern for molding/tooling/vacuum casting, example include: shoe sole, buddha, other cartoon industries.
  • Short-run production parts.
  • Ready for painting or plating.
  • Concept and marketing models.

Advantages of MS1920

  • High accuracy and surface quality.
  • Complex shapes and feature detail.
  • Color facilitates the feature detail and quality inspection.
  • Nearly invisible printing lines, ideal for master mold.