GM1618 SLA resin is the most classic 3D printing resin in our company with “0” complaint for many years, as the best-selling resin, we mainly use raw materials from Japan to ensure its high quality.

It combines the advantages of high toughness, accuracy, durability, stability and marvelous white color. By using this resin, you can produce parts with outstanding detail performance, high strength and smooth surface. What’s more, the parts created by GM1618 are easy to clean and paint. It can help you to save significant amounts of labor, money and time in post processing.

GM 1618

  • Color: White
  • Technology: Industrial SLA
  • Compatible with: All 355nm wavelength SLA 3D Printer
Your ideal 3D printing solution to replace CNC-machined white ABS articles for functional assemblies also for master patterns.



  • Automotive, aerospace and functional parts
  • Great for snap fits, assemblies and demanding applications
  • General purpose Prototyping
  • Consumer product parts and concept models
  • Master patterns for vacuum casting and parts normally machined from ABS.

Advantages of GM1618

  • Superior durability and accurateness
  • Extremely white
  • High strength and marvelous dimensional stability
  • Outstanding surface detail
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Easy to clean, processing and finish