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After acting as the Investor & Partner in the previous organizations, Schraffur Studios LLP got its identity in July 2021. We are into cutting edge technology called 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping / Additive Manufacturing. We are the official Sole Distributor for Magform’s Production Grade SLA Machine.

Investing in design is a great way for companies to ensure the success of their products. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients throughout.

Care to see some of our available technologies? Check out our wide range of portfolio with Material & Technologies below to get a better idea & do let us know what we can do for you?


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  1. Company Culture – We work with utmost transparency along with absolute positive attitude with each & every client. We believe that our employee’s are the biggest asset we carry & they too treat us just like the family.
  1. Community – We love to celebrate each milestone we achieve with our extended family. We offer profit sharing or performance-based bonuses. We loved to accept challenges & our employee’s too, hence we are open to change our employee’s role based on their passion.
  1. Trust – Flexible working hours, remote work options.
  1. Innovation – We believe on continues Research & Development for the upcoming & grooming technologies. We work with strategy, new product innovation. We encourage our employee’s to share their ideas & thoughts. We try to implement it. As a result they are motivated about their own work & there is always feel proud factor.

Power over you and your competitors?

Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.

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Our Recent Completed Projects

We come to the table as a partner rather than a service or machine or material provider.

Compare with GM1618, GM1811 ABS Like resin provides a lower price while keeping nearly the same properties such as high toughness, high accuracy,

GM1618 SLA resin is the most classic 3D printing resin in our company with “0” complaint for many years, as the best-selling resin,

With the exceptionally tough and stiffness properties, GM1728 sla resin delivers the durability and functionality parts you’ve come to expect.